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Doing more with less has never been so poignant when it comes to data centers. The data center industry is gearing up to accommodate the next generation of applications in 5G infrastructure, industrial automation, high quality video streaming and gaming, autonomous vehicles, and AR/VR.

Every year, processing demands are growing, and data centers are expected to meet these demands with an even lower carbon footprint. This increased need for high performance and low latency is pushing data centers to the Edge - closer to both users and their devices.

Now, with water scarcity becoming the norm all over the world, finding an energy efficient cooling solution has become an even bigger challenge.

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Air cooled heat exchanger solutions

As data centers become more modular and containerized, Alfa Laval air cooled heat exchangers have evolved to provide both custom and modularized cooling solutions.

Our air cooled heat exchangers are the robust solution that packs more cooling in less space than competing technologies. They eliminate the use of water and refrigerants, making them the sustainable option that will grow with your data center.

How air cooled heat exchangers work

A hot medium (hot water or oil for example) flows through externally finned tubes inside the heat exchanger. One or more fans then force air across these tubes so that the heat from the hot medium can be transferred to air.

The external fins maximize heat transfer by increasing the area in contact with this air.

Watch this short animation to see how our Model E works.

Working principle Model E

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Customized solutions

Our solutions can be tailor-made to meet your specific requirements, while also maximizing energy efficiency and eliminating water use.

They also have minimal maintenance requirements and will last several data center upgrade cycles, making this investment both smart and sustainable.

See our range of models below.

Model E

Alfa Laval air-cooled exchanger Model E

  • Horizontal section(s) and fan(s) with vertical air ejection
  • Available in one fan to four fan configurations
  • VFD capable electrical drive for precise air control and power consumption
  • Ideal for large cooling loads where water usage is undesirable

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Model V

Alfa Laval ACE Model V

  • Sloped sections with horizontal fans and vertical air ejection
  • Modular, induced draft fan cells allow for section lengths up to 18 m (60 ft)
  • VFD capable electrical drive for precise air control and power consumption
  • The special design reduces transportation and plot space costs as compared to horizontal section designs

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Containerized solutions

Containerized cooling solutions for Edge data centers

  • Single or multi-container solutions for simplified logistics and installation
  • Available in standard container dimensions (20’, 40’, or 45’) or custom sizes
  • Cooling, pumping and piping can be combined and shipped fully factory tested
  • Designs can be optimized to reduce energy use or provide room for future expansion
  • Available with both gasketed plate heat exchangers and brazed plate heat exchangers

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Modular solutions

Alfa Laval proudly offers modular immersion cooling solutions for 500kW and 1MW loads that maximize the heat transfer while minimizing energy consumption so that every kW possible can go into the data center processing. 

These solutions are factory built and tested so that you can focus on designing and running your data center instead of worrying about reliability and uptime impacts from your cooling provider. You wear many hats and need an experienced partner to ensure you can focus on the rest of your business.

Mix and match

You can mix and match any combination of modules to meet your cooling needs, knowing that our standardized parts and service help minimize maintenance costs. With Alfa Laval as your partner, you will have over 100 years of business experience by your side.


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500 kW* Cooling Pod

Cooling Pod 500 kW

  • 20’ containerized cooling solution
  • Cooling, pumping and piping fully factory tested
  • Controls and VFD packages available
  • For direct-to-chip or immersion cooling
  • Single-side cooling for small spaces
  • Custom painting and branding available


*Actual heat transfer varies based on ambient conditions.

1MW* Cooling Pod

Cooling Pod 1 MW

  • 20’ containerized cooling solution
  • Cooling, pumping and piping fully factory tested
  • Controls and VFD packages available
  • For direct-to-chip or immersion cooling
  • Custom painting and branding available
  • Combine several Cooling Pods for larger loads

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When it comes to air cooler service, we’re here to make your life as easy as possible. We offer parts, service and support around the clock for the complete Alfa Laval ACE air cooled exchangers range and all other competing air cooler brands.

Alfa Laval ACE actually began in 1964 as an air cooled heat exchanger service provider. So, while we may be well known today as a manufacturer of new equipment, we’ve always been laser-focused on supporting our customers throughout the lifecycle of their coolers. Our goal is not just to fix your equipment, but to optimize its performance and maximize your uptime.

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