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Alfa Laval has a long history of supplying process equipment to both small local producers and global breweries. We help you realize your visions with solutions that bring out the best in your beer and brewery. We listen to your needs and support you with all our experience and process know-how to maximize product quality, reduce your environmental impact and optimize production.

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Efficient dry hopping solution for medium size breweries

Iso-Mix External Drive (IMXD)

For efficient dry hopping of larger beer volumes

Brew Series Separator

High quality separation equipment especially designed for beer brewing industry

Iso-Mix Mini

Efficient and consistent mixing for a range of tank sizes and applications

Aldox Mini

Efficient water deaeration kit for low-capacity brewing demands

Flexitherm Mini

An automatic pasteurization machine for beer pasteurization

Dealcoholisation Module

Innovative, efficient single-pass alcohol removal for full-flavour end product

3-in-1 Yeast Module

Yeast rehydration, yeast propagation, store and re-use yeast strains in a single unit

Carboset Mini

Excellent for accurate, automatic and low-maintenance beer carbonation and carbonation of other beverages, including soft drinks

Sterile Filtration Module (BSF) mini

Keep your beer tasty and microorganism-free with our beer filtration system

Intelligent Whirlpool System (IWS)

Recover wort from hot trub during whirlpooling

Lowal De-alcoholizer

Dealcoholize all beer and fermented low-alcohol drink types in the same plant with the self-contained, fully-automated dealcoholization system


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