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Alfa Laval Industrial line - the latest release

Boost your efficiency and sustainability with Alfa Laval next generation plate heat exchangers

Alfa Laval's next generation T25, T10 and now also T6 gasketed plate heat exchangers feature a range of unique innovations that break new barriers in industrial heating and cooling applications. 

Meet the T10

Alfa Laval’s M10 has long been the market’s most versatile gasketed plate heat exchanger. Able to provide high thermal performance in a wide range of applications, it has set a global standard for energy efficiency and sustainability. But for us, just setting the standard is never good enough. That’s why we’ve created T10 – M10’s successor that’s breaking new barriers.

Built with a revolutionary new plate concept, T10 eliminates the compromise between efficiency and pressure drop. With the improved design, we can better accommodate uneven flows, making it possible to optimize the performance of the heat exchanger according to its specific position in your processes.

The result is up to 30% higher efficiency and reduced fouling for reliable, cost-effective performance. And that’s just the start.

Whatever the application, T10’s truly sustainable, energy-saving design creates additional possibilities to meet environmental targets. And the new plate concept ensures lower total cost of ownership thanks to a smaller footprint and reduced maintenance needs.



T10 product


A barrier-breaking plate concept

The new T10 plate concept is based around patented Alfa Laval features that combine improved thermal efficiency with a more reliable unit that is easier to service.

FlexFlow plate design offers new possibilities to support duties where media have uneven flows or thermal demands. Its asymmetrical pattern makes it possible to create ten different channels using just two plates. T10 units can therefore provide a better thermal fit to their specific positions, ensuring higher efficiency with reduced pressure drop.

SteerLock plate alignment makes it possible to assemble the unit with either asymmetrical or symmetrical channel configuration. SteerLock keeps plates in perfect alignment, preventing leaks or damage to the equipment. It also makes plate handling during service easier.

A unit with a smaller footprint

The Compact frame feature offers more capacity with a smaller footprint. A smart guiding bar enables a maximum number of plates or cassettes in the frame while keeping the service area requirements down to a minimum. The design enables a faster and safer service which minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs.


Technical paper: In pursuit of long-term energy savings

This technical paper provides an overview of the different ways that newer heat exchangers can contribute to overall energy savings in industrial heating and cooling applications. Whether you are considering equipment for a new installation, looking to upgrade your existing heat exchangers or exploring the possibilities of expanding your capacity, this information is useful.


Features that set new standards

Learn more about the next-generation features that help T6, T10 and T25 break new barriers when it comes to thermal performance and sustainability in a wide variety of applications and positions.

FlexFlowTM plate design

Improves thermal efficiency and optimizes pressure drop utilization


Offset gasket groove

Ensures plate utilization for maximum heat transfer efficiency



CurveFlowTM distribution area

Improves media flow and minimizes the risk of fouling


OmegaPortTM noncircular port holes

Enhances media flow and thermal efficiency

SteerLockTM plate alignment

Ensures reliable plate positioning and easy service


ClipGripTM gasket attachment

Ensures perfect seal and trouble-free maintenance



Compact frame

Improves media flow and minimizes the risk of fouling


Meet Alfa Laval T25

The next-generation T25 is available with two plate configurations that helps you to boost energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. The T25-B is specially engineered for high-pressure applications that require the closest temperature approach such as:

  • General HVAC cooling applications and data center cooling
  • Energy transfer stations in district cooling networks
  • Pressure breakers in high-rise buildings or in district heating networks


Alfa Laval T25-P offers a durable and flexible heat transfer solution for industrial processes requiring the unit to perform reliably under tough conditions. Some examples are:

  • Heat recovery duties and amine interchanger
  • Service-intensive duties and crude oil heaters
  • Duties where reliability is crucial, such as offshore crude dehydration

Upgrade to the new standard of efficiency

Businesses currently operating predecessors to T25 or T10 (MX25 and M10) – have the possibility to increase thermal efficiency without having to replace the entire unit. Get all the advantages by an upgrade to the next-generation plate package! In addition to cutting your power bill, the new efficient plate pack provides minimized risk of fouling, keeping performance up and prolonging service intervals. A great way to reduced maintenance expenses over the product lifetime.

Contact us today to learn more about making an upgrade.

Demand new standards for your heat exchangers

Contact us to learn more about your options or to get advice from our experts about which gasketed plate heat exchanger is the best fit for your business.

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For HVAC applications, we also offer AHRI-performance-certified heat exchangers

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The Alfa Laval AlfaQ range is certified according to the AHRI Liquid-to-Liquid Heat Exchangers (LLHE) Certification program, which ensures thermal performance according to manufacturers’ published specifications. Alfa Laval’s next-generation features are also available for relevant sizes and configurations of models in the AlfaQ range. More information about this range can be found at