Optimize for changes in media

Optimize for changes in mediaTo keep your heat exchanger in peak operating condition, it is important to redesign the plate heat exchanger whenever the physical properties of the media change. This may be due to the use of new raw materials, a modification in product ingredients or natural alterations to the media over time.

The content of water in crude oil, for instance, is a variable that affects the outlet temperature of the media. The original temperature program involved raising wet crude from 70°C at the inlet to 101°C at the outlet. However, when the water cut increased, the outlet temperature dropped by two degrees to 99°C. To maintain the desired outlet temperature, the plant operator added burners to the installation to preheat the crude at a cost of EUR 390,000 per year.

Extending the plate pack of the plate heat exchanger eliminates the need for the burners and restored the outlet temperature to the right level. In this case, the plant operator realized full return on investment in the plate pack extension in less than three months. Actual payback times will vary depending on the installation, media and other factors.

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Calculated payback time

 Annual operating costs (burner)       EUR 390,000 
 Plate pack extension cost      EUR 71,000 
 Annual savings   EUR 390,000 
 Payback time*   Less than 3 months     

*  Based on 6000 operating hours per year and energy costs of EUR 0.05 per kWh.