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Get more value from your milk

Premium separators for small-scale dairy processing

When you run a small-scale dairy, the performance of your equipment is crucial for profitability. With compact, high-efficiency Alfa Laval dairy separators you get skimming and clarification that helps you make the most of your milk. The separators require minimal time and effort for operation, cleaning, and maintenance – enabling you to focus more resources on boosting your dairy’s productivity.


When buying an AL separator you get:


High yield

When every drop matters, you can’t compromise on product quality and processing efficiency. Alfa Laval H and D series separators are specially designed to secure high-efficiency skimming and milk clarification in small-scale dairy production. The self-cleaning separators provide safe, gentle, and consistent treatment to safeguard the quality of your product.


Saving time and effort

In a small dairy, time and labour are precious resources. Alfa Laval H and D series separators are self-discharging and self-cleaning. Compared with solid-wall separators, this means more efficient and hassle-free processing, with no need for manual opening and cleaning.


Superior hygiene

Hygiene is critical in any dairy, large or small. Our H and D series separators provide a strong basis for excellent hygiene, with FDA-approved food grade materials and automatic Cleaning-in-Place. The separators come fully certified with all the documentation needed to meet strict hygiene and food safety standards.



Our high-performance H and D separator portfolio

Designed to meet the needs of small-scale dairies, the Compacta series separators provide high-efficiency processing for essential dairy manufacturing steps.

Milk skimming

H1 concentrator


  • Skimming: up to 500 l/h
  • Standardization: up to 800 l/h

H3 concentrator


  • Skimming: up to 3000 l/h
  • Standardization: up to 5000 l/h

Milk clarification

D1 clarifier


  • Clarification: up to 1000 l/h 

D3 clarifier


  • Clarification: up to 5000 l/h


Milk and cream processing 

Quality and pricing are priority when manufacturing milk and cream products. Alfa Laval compact diary separators take your milk through clarification, skimming, and standardization with premium efficiency and gentle product handling. Ensuring that your customers enjoy safe, delicious, and affordable milk and cream. And giving you the flexibility to meet shifting market demand.


Cheese production 

All the way from raw milk to finished cheese, you need assurance in hygiene, yield and quality. The compact D and H series separators are ideal for the initial steps of this journey: processing your milk with superior efficiency and care, to secure an end product that will delight your customers. 



Dairy innovation that keeps the tradition

Alfa Laval was born out of the innovation of the modern milk separator. And we have never stopped reinventing this technology. Today we offer a complete portfolio of solutions, covering the full scope of dairy separation applications. Built with unique innovations, our separators are engineered to help dairies achieve reliable uptime and improved yield, while maintaining the highest hygienic standards.








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