Webinars for the Edible Oil Industry

Margarine plant systems

Are you looking at downstream investment options for your edible oil business? Our expert Raffaele Baldini will share with you 

  • Some latest trends in the edible oil industry, such as the drivers for growing demands for margarine
  • A brief introduction to margarine and margarine production process
  • Key challenges in margarine production, such as long processing time, use of addictives, potential poor hydration and more
  • A holistic approach to solving the challenges of margarine production
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About our speaker

Raffaele Baldini is an experienced Chemical Engineer from Bologna, Italy who has familiarized himself with various vegetable oils and systems over the course of 22 years. His experience from working with margarine, palm oil refining, vegetable cream, soy bean, chocolate and compound chocolate proved to be immensely useful in edible oil refining as these oils share similar refining process and treatment methods.

While his forte is in setting up new plants, Raffaele is constantly seeking for better solutions for the industry via new technology and improvement on existing processes.